"Ty jesz jajko."

Translation:You are eating an egg.

January 10, 2016

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How would you say "you eat egg" as in you do it in general and not a specific egg?


In Polish there is no difference between definite and indefinite words. An egg and the egg are both "jajko" and both eggs and the eggs are "jajka". You distinguish which one is used by context. We also use sometimes use words "jakiƛ" (some, a, an; adjective) to make an emphasis that a word is indefinite and "ten" (literally: that) for definite words. But rarely.


Ty jesz jajka can also mean You eat eggs

Ty jadasz jajka means You eat eggs


Why is "You're eating egg" not accepted. I find it a perfectly valid translation and English sentence.


Well, in the Polish sentence it's one egg, so treating it like a mass noun is not the best option.


"Ty jesz jajko" sounds very close to "Pijesz jajko" so that one made me giggle for a moment.

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