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  5. "Good people send them food."

"Good people send them food."

Translation:Dobrzy ludzie wysyłają im jedzenie.

January 10, 2016



Why must is be "dobrzy"? What is the difference between dobrzy and dobry......dobrze and dobre, and anything else I'm missing that is similar to them?


dobrze is adverb

dobry/dobra/dobre- are nominative singular (m/f/n)
dobrzy/dobre- nominative plural (m.pers/other)



In plural nouns and also adjectives which describe them are splited into two categories masculine-personal (masculine nouns which name people) and non-masculine-personal (feminine, neuter and masculine nouns which don't name people - things and animals) "Człowiek" (singular) is masculine and this noun names a person so in plural ("ludzie") it is masculine-personal. Moreover it is used in Nominative.

So the adjective "dobry" has to agree with a masculine-personal noun used in Nominative case. Therefore you have to know the pattern in which adjective "dobry" is declinated. Click on the link, go to the table of declension and then check: liczba mnoga -> m.-os. -> Mianownik: https://pl.wiktionary.org/wiki/dobry

Click on the text "declination of człowiek": https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/cz%C5%82owiek

"dobry" and "dobre" are declinated forms of "dobry"

"dobrze" is an adverb which means "well"


Does 'posyłać' also fit here?


Yeah, I believe so. Added.


wouldn't "przesyłają" work just fine?


Yes, true. Added now.


What is the reason "Dobre osoby" doesn't work here?


It's hard to explain why, but it doesn't seem to suit this sentence in my opinion. One of the admins also thinks the same. Maybe this is because this sentence is so general...

My views on 'person' and similar: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/19428542 - maybe it can help.


Could i use "odsyłają" instead of "wysyłają" in this sentence?


"odsyłają" is rather "send back", as in 'they didn't want it, they sent it back'.

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