"Your sisters are going to my father's restaurant."

Translation:Deine Schwestern gehen ins Restaurant meines Vaters.

January 13, 2013

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uhmm since when we know Genitiv? there are too many things to remember to get this sentence correct!


Genitiv isnt so bad. Just rember "des der des der" for "der die das die" for the articles.

Nouns in genitiv usually get an -s or -es suffix (though some are irregular).

The modified article + word order will then indicate possesion like "of a (eines/r)", " of the (des/r)", "of his (seines/r)", etc.

So "Restaurants meines Vaters" == restaurant of my father('s) == my father's restaurant.

In a lot of cases you can just put the 3rd noun ahead of the 1st and tack on an 's to make sense of it in English.


We definitely have not looked at the genitive case yet


i wrote "zu" instead of "ins". why is "zu" incorrect? i thought "gehen zu" means "go to". what is wrong with my logic?


"Zu" seems to be fine, but here "Restaurant" is a definite noun, so it needs a definite article. So "zu" + "dem" = "zum Restaurant."


Very bad grammar! I concur, you have to use the Genitiv here:

"Deine Schwestern gehen ins Restaurant meines Vaters"

is the correct way to say it. While you at it, replace the "ins" with "in das", "ins" is slang.

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    I have to strongly disagree. The genitive is considered better style, but "ins Restaurant von meinem Vater" is perfectly fine and way more common in spoken German. Also, "ins" is not slang at all. It's a standard contraction.


    "ins" slang? how? does the meaning get something like "your sisters go to the DAMN restaurant of my father" how? please explain.


    Not in that sense. The German word for it would be "Umgangston", something you can use when talking to your friends rather then your boss. "ins" is a short version for "in das". So in proper high German you would say "in das Restaurant" rather then "ins Restaurant". But both of them are valid gramatically.


    oh thanks, i was terrified, i thought i cursed or something.


    Right: Deine Schwestern gehen ins Restaurant meines Vaters!!! not Deine Schwestern gehen ins Restaurant meinem Vaters


    It says the correct solution is "Deine Schwestern gehen ins Restaurant meines Vaters." but isn't 'Vaters' plural? Even if I had two fathers somehow, the English version is about one father.

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    @Angelastic : 'Vaters' isn't plural in German, that would be 'Väter'. Restaurant meines Vaters stands for 'my father's restaurant', and the case used is genitive. See this link for the German genitive: http://german.about.com/library/blcase_gen.htm


    why not Ihre Schwestern meines Vaters Restaurant gehen.

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    @alc1997 : That is not correct, and is exactly what Google Translate gives.


    Your sisters my father's restaurant go

    Typical Google Translate, am I right?

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