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"The old boys have wine and cookies."

Translation:Starzy chłopcy mają wino i ciasteczka.

January 10, 2016



ciasteczka = ciastka


In English (at least British English) "old boys" usually means former pupils of a particular school. It can also be used as a familiar way of referring to elderly men. Can the term have either of these meanings in Polish?


Not really, I think.


I am very confused. I put in "Starzy chłopaki mają wino i ciastka" but it marked it incorrect because I should have used 'stare'. But I thought since it was a group of male people that you should use starzy?


Yeah, this is this super weird exception that is totally illogical, I'm afraid. "chłopaki" use the 'not masculine-personal plural' forms in Nominative. Meanwhile, "chłopcy" use the masculine-personal ones as they should. I guess you just have to remember that. Luckily, I believe this is the only such weird exception.

When I say 'in Nominative', I mean that in other cases it behaves logically, actually. For example in Accusative it's "Widzę chłopaków", as it should be, not "Widzę chłopaki".


What an odd combination

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