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"Wie groß ist die Bevölkerung?"

Translation:What is the population?

January 10, 2016



How big is the population shouldn't be accepted?


"How big...?" was just accepted


I was thinking the same.


...it says "what is the population." Is the right answer.. im confused


I don't think "what is the population" is necessarily wrong, but "how big is the population" seems right to me.


I had the english word blocks exercise where "What is the population " was the only choice. Made no sense to me.


What's the population [of that town]?

Oh, you're from a small town? What's the population?


I guess it's odd because I've literally never had someone casually ask me for the population of somewhere like that.

Even then, "how big," just seems more natural.


Same here. Sounds unnatural unless you are new to English and asking for the definition of population


Really? That makes perfect sense to me.

I actually did a literal translation to 'How big is the population?' in my head first, but that doesn't really sound correct to me. So I changed it to 'What is the population?'


Sounds right to me, too.


If you wanted to ask the English question "What is the population?", this is how you would phrase it in German.


This is a great comment!! Makes me curious though, what would Germans think of "Was ist die Bevölkerung?", clumsy, meaningless, wrong? Vielen Dank im voraus


I suspect it could be translated as "what is the word?".


I would agree with this, but would be very curious to hear a native speakers opinion as well. Anyone know?


?? "...the word?" I am curious. I can't find any reference that translates "Bevölkerung" as "word". Or is that not what you meant?



JoshyL - You are probably confused because "population" means "number of people living in a place" and so "How much is the number of....?" would be quite uncomfortable, whereas "What is the number of....?" is correct. Still: I put "How big..?" in a grey-area attempt to keep DL happy, and it accepted it.


In British English, we talk about population being great or large, not big. The English here should therefore be 'How great/large is the population?', but 'great' is not accepted here.

'How big is the population?' sounds like an enquiry about the height or fatness of the population.


To my American ear, "How great is the population?" sounds more like a question about the quality of the population than its size. It's definitely not something I'd ask.


In that case, I've modified my comment to make it clear that I was talking about British English. I wasn't aware of this difference in American English.


I'm British and I think I have to agree with the American on this. Saying 'how great' doesn't suggest to me that someone is asking for a number.


Here's just one example:



"An oil spill in Bengal's unique Sundarbans mangrove forest is threatening the world's greatest population of tigers."

The question resulting from this would be: "How great is the population of tigers in the Sundarbans mangrove forest of Bengal?"

Similarly, if you said to me "The world's greatest population of tigers lives in Bengal", I might respond with the question "How great is the population?" The spoken emphasis would be on 'is'.

This is a normal British English construction. Perhaps it is losing ground over time to American constructs, as is so much of the language.


I think you would still use large instead of great for this question... although great should probably be excepted too, it just does not sound as precise (to me anyway).


"How great is the population" is perfectly fine in America. Not to Duo's ears, however.


"How great" is OK, and should be accepted, but it usually means something more like "how awesome." How large would be the best , most eindeutig way to say it.


"What is the population?" is rather imprecise English and is slightly idiomatic, especially when matched with the German "wie groß..."


I understand that translations are not always literal. Oftentimes literal translations are simply wrong. However, if this sentence is like a figure of speech then I think "How big is the population?" Should be accepted as well. At the very least, make it possible to enter the phrase that way and then explain why it's wrong when someone gets it wrong instead of making it so obtuse.


If die Bevoelkerung is feminine, why is gross not grosse?


Because the wird 'groß' is the predicate part. This word, when arranged as a statement, does not precede the word Bevoelkerung.


Thank you - it is so much harder learning a foreign language when you don't have a good grasp on the grammar of your own.


Put more clearly, it is "Die Bevölkerung ist groß." but it would be "Die große Bevölkerung is verrückt." It's only when an adjective is placed directly next to its noun that it is changed for gender and case (and article).


What is the population is not incorrect but it is not the most common phrase used to ask this question.


Depends on where you are, I guess. It is totally how I would ask this question.


"Wie groß ist die Bevölkerzng?" = "How big is the population?" There was not even the word "big" to chose from...


I had the English bubble word choices that forced me to say "What is the population?" when the English should say "How large is the population?"


This really ought to be "How large is the population."


To me there is a huge difference between asking about what a population is and the size of a population. Does german really use size when talking about something they haven't yeat learned what it is? It sounds like a big error to me, and I can not understand why it is claimed to be the same as what is the size of the population. Unless it says what is the population OF ex FRANCE, "what is a population must surely be understood as wo deri g what it is. Like perhaps an event... Imagine a little girl aski g this question. "Mom, what is the population?" Would the mother say something like 9 millions, or wxplain what it is? And would the question in german that equal that one really contain the world "groß" if they whanted to know what it is. I wo der if English is really so slughish that you useot the same way, or just asumes it in a context where of a country, city ect.


Surely how big... otherwise i dont understand why ' große' is in the sentance?


Why is (big) used if it is not a necessary part of the sentence...


Something is wrong here!!!!


What is groß doing in the sentence??


It is asking about the population size.


I put "What is the population size" and it was marked wrong, but I think that's pretty natural English


The right answer should be "how big is the population?" Shoundn't it?


In this case, without any context, that would be the correct translation.

If you'd ask "Ah, you live in a city? What's the population?" it would be correct. I speak German for around twelve years now and I never heard anyone asking me "How the population" is.

Most people would probably ask you "How many live in [INSERT CITY NAME HERE]?"


It counted: what is the population number wrong, instead it was: what is the population. This is less logical to me?


Confusing translation.


Population as a measure, I think! Like "What is the cost (of something)?". Or " What is the natality?".


i put "how tall is the population?" and it was marked wrong ;(


that would mean their height ;)


i know but that could also mean it, right? gross can even refer to height.. am i correct?


the correct word is höhe


i dont think you get what i meant


It can but it is not in this case


It literally says "groß" how can in not mean big?


That's not what we say in English


I'd say "what's the population size"


How big is the population


'How large is the population' looks a better interpretation of 'Wie groß ist die Bevölkerung'


I have never heard this, (what is the population?) But how big is the popultion?


What is the population of Germany?


80,682,351 is the population of Germany in 2016


What is the population...is not right...it should be how big is the population


My main problem with duolingo is that when I miss a question, I remember only the answer but no the question and that is how I get it right next.


Jesus 100 comments and no change has been made.


What is meant groß in this sentence?


What is popuation seems to be a derivation from the word to word translation. So both are interchangeable and I feel they are correct.


Is "wie gross ist" an idiom?


Not really an idiom but it is the usual way to ask about size, e.g. wie groß ist die Wohnung, das Auto, der Elefant.


English is wrong.
"how big is the population"


Wie groß?? =what ???

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