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"Er mag die Sehenswürdigkeiten."

Translation:He likes the sights.

December 16, 2013

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Does this long word 'Sehenswürdigkeiten' only means 'sights'?


It means "see-worthy things", AKA "sights worth seeing", AKA "sights".


You can learn a lot more than just it's meaning from this word. Let's break it down: Sehen= "to see", Würdig= "worthy", Keit= (alternatife form of "heit") Alternative?? I quote from Wiktionary: "Result of a wrong segmentation of two suffixes in Upper German dialects of Middle High German: -ec (modern -ig) and -heit: -ec-heit was interpreted as -e-keit.[1]. Later this phenomenon spread to other suffixes, and even to Central German dialects, in which the equivalents of -ig had never been pronounced with a final [k]-sound. (Compare the modern standard pronunciation of -ig [-ɪç].)" So what is the function of keit/heit? "Converts an adjective into a noun." Example: wirksam (“effective”) → Wirksamkeit (“effectiveness”) schön (“beautiful”) → Schönheit (“beauty”) And lastly "En" makes the "Sehen(+)würdig(+)keit" plural.


What's wrong with sightseeing????

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