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"Türkiye son on yılda gerçekten gelişti mi?"

Translation:Has Turkey really developed within the last ten years?

January 10, 2016



Is there a difference between "son" and "gecen"?


son is the end of something and geçen is something is gone or passed


son is until now, geçen is the previous one.

son 2 sene - the last 2 years (up to now)
geçen sene - the last year
geçen seneler -> the last years


So "son sene" (or "son yıl"?) means the previous 12 months ending now, like as of today it means from January 11th 2015 to January 10th 2016, and "geçen sene/yıl" means the last complete year before this one, so from January 1st 2015 to December 31st 2015?


exactly but we usually say bu yıl (this year) instead of son yıl unless we refer to a specific time range.

Okulumun son yılı - The last year of my school.


I would say that there really isn't a difference. But using "son" in this sentence would just be used more often.

In this context, think of the difference as

In the PAST ten years ( gecen )

In the LAST ten years ( son )


Not a native speaker of english so that may explain it if i'm wrong, but shouldn't this work too: "Did Turkey really improve in the last ten years?"


it's even suggested in the translation mouse over, I reported it :)


Why is "during" wrong?


I translated it as "Did Turkey really progress in the last 10 years?" - it wasn't accepted because I used "progress" instead of "develop". Is this really not acceptable?


I used "improved" and that wasn't accepted either, strange


Could you also say (obviously a different meaning) "Türkiye geçen yıllarda gerçekten geliştiş mi?"


No, İt's different


Where is "within" implied in the turkish sentence? Or is that an adjustment for english?


Hmmm... if "yil" is "year", the -da ending probably has a part in this, yes? From what I've read, it adds a meaning that is "per year" but I don't know if that is the only way to interpret that.


why "yıl-da"? is it because of "son"?

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