"To jest mały pomidor."

Translation:This is a small tomato.

January 10, 2016

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Why is "pomidor" used here instead of "pomidorem", which is the instrumental case?


You only use instrumental with jest when associating two nouns with each other, e.g. 'To warzywo jest pomidorem' - 'This vegetable is a tomato'.

Here you're just pointing and saying 'This is a tomato' and the construction in Polish is 'To jest [noun in nominative case]'.


Thanks! So instrumental is only used with identifying one noun as another noun?


Yes. Pronouns work too - I could say e.g. '(Ja) jestem pomidorem' - 'I'm a tomato' when I feel that I need to ketchup


personal pronouns - like nouns possesive pronouns- like adjectives


yes ant then there is

noun to (jest) noun
both nouns in nominative


This is so helpful, thank you.


sugarbagel is such a cool name! where are you from?


ya! i got it right! my mama is from poland and it is hard! how is that possible?


I prefer understanding over lerning rules, but in case I haven't found the logic yet. So, the noun following 'to' is in nominative case (regardless of a form of byc in between)? Is a way to remember this?

  • to jest noun (nom)
  • to noun (nom) jest noun (instr)
  • noun (nom) to noun (nom)
  • noun (nom) jest noun (instr)
  • jest noun (instr)


Yes you are right, but

  • to noun (nom) jest noun - to is only before singular neuter nouns ( can be also *ten/ta) (it means the/this)
  • noun (nom) jest tym/tą noun (instrumental) ( means the/this)
  • noun (nom) can be replaced by on/ona/ono= he/she/it
  • jest noun (inst) means "(he/she/it) is noun"
  • jest noun (nom) means "noun is (here/there)" or "(there) is a noun"

  • all those rules apply to plurals with "są" instead of "jest"

  • it does not apply to I, you, we, you - only jestem noun (instr) etc.
  • it does not apply to adjectives or possesive pronouns without nouns.


Why is "This tomato is small" wrong answer? Is it not acceptable translation?


No, it's a different sentence with a different grammatical subject ("this tomato" instead of "this/that/it").

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