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  5. "Bu kelimenin anlamı ne?"

"Bu kelimenin anlamı ne?"

Translation:What is the meaning of this word?

January 10, 2016



Bunların arasındaki farkı açıklayabilir misiniz? - Can you please explain the differences between these?

  • kelime
  • söz(cük)
  • laf
  • tabir
  • lügat

Çok teşekkür ederim!


kelime or sözcük = a single unit of language that can be represented in writing or speech (word)

söz or laf = 1) what someone say or write. (words) 2) a sentence that people often say and that gives advice or information about human life and experience. (saying) 3) a phrase

söz (not laf) = 1) a promise

lügat or lugat = 1) Ottoman Turkish - Modern Turkish dictionary 2) dictionary (obsolete) 3) lexicon

tabir = 1) a word or phrase. She spoke in a quiet voice but used remarkably coarse expressions. (expression) 2) the showing of ideas or feelings through words. (expression) 3) interpretation (usually for dreams)


Wow, nice. Sağ ol!

FYI, in Hungarian: 'szó' means word, but 'adott szó' (given word) is definitely a promise. A "sentence that people often say and that gives advice..." would be = 'szólás'. :)


Is this another way of asking in Turkish: "Bu kelime ne demek?" And if so, is one way more common or more polite than the other? Teşekkürler!


Right, you can say ''Bu kelime/sözcük ne demek?''. And yes, ''Bu kelimenin/sözcüğün anlamı ne(dir)?'' is a little bit polite than the other.


But bu is not wath is this,or not?


I don't understand your question.

bu is "this" as in "this word".

ne is "what (is)".


i said :bu=this ,where is that in this phrase?


"What is the meaning of THIS word?"


Excuse me ,thanks!

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