"Good people love animals."

Translation:Dobrzy ludzie kochają zwierzęta.

January 11, 2016

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can you somehow include the gender of the nouns and adjectives in the lessons? it would be very helpful to have certain characteristics of the word written underneath when you mouse over the word above the dotted line, as right now i'm just guessing at which ending a word should have (not knowing its gender). for instance, when I see something like the above sentence, I have no way to tell if "ludzie" is masculine, feminine, or neuter. furthermore, even if I did know that, I wouldn't know whether "dobr" should end in y, e, or a. I'm not talking specifically about the above sentence, just asking about including a feature like that in the lessons if it is at all possible. Thanks!


I'm afraid it's not possible from the technical side. Although we would love to do it...


I'd love to know why. Just adding (m/f/n) to the definition can't be that hard surely?


I thought "dobry" meant "good", and I haven't come across "dobrzy" anywhere but this website. And I know "dobrze" means "well". Why is the correct translation "dobrzy" instead of "dobry"?


'Dobrzy' is the masculine personal plural form of 'dobry'.

See the declension table at https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dobry#Polish


Why does dobrzy have a y-ending instead of an i-ending if ludzie is plural? Doesn't it mean "people" which is plural in English? I thought there were no y-endings for adjectives


Because of historical developments in the language, all r + i in Polish combinations became rzy. Similar to why t's in Polish will change to a c after an i. You won't find any native words that have an i after an r. It will always be rzy.


Of course there's an -y ending, mostly for masculine singular.

Generally, 'masculine personal plural' forms of adjectives are usually quite different from the other forms (for example, here you have 'rz' instead of 'r).


Why cannot it be "Dobre osoby kochają zwierzęta"?


I guess it's fine, added.

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