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"Saya harap program saya masih terbuka."

Terjemahan:I hope my program is still open.

January 11, 2016

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why the sentence use "is"??? There is verb there, right??


Hope and wish apa bedanya??


hope = when u think somethin probably happen ex: i hope u pass the test

wish = when u don't think somethin will happen like it's impossible thing ex: i wish i could win the lottery

semoga membantu


Jelasin dong knp pake is


I hope can continues .....


The subject is missing in your sentence. I hope it can continue (no "s" with the modal)


Why if I choose ' I wish my program is still open ' incorrect ? Wish and hope have the same meaning


They're not exactly the same. If you say "I wish you a merry Christmas", it's not the same thing than saying "I hope".

I wish you = I want to bring you good luck.

I hope = I'd like this to happen. For instance, I pray for it, and I would be sad if it doesn't happen.


Wish is to make a wish. I wish to have a daughter.

I wish you good luck. (and NOT I hope you good luck)

Hope is also more for the future than wish.

I wish to see a doctor (it's now), I hope to see a doctor (it's in the future).


I am not nervous

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