"On mnie nie słyszy."

Translation:He does not hear me.

January 11, 2016

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A little confused here about word order. Why would you say "On mnie nie słyszy" and not "on nie słyszy mnie?"


what vytah said is 100 % true, but

on nie słyszy mnie

is a correct polish sentence, but it means more like

It's me, whom he does not hear

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Polish doesn't like to leave unaccented personal pronouns at the end of the sentence if they can be moved between the subject and the verb.

Putting the pronoun at the end is fine if the subject is omitted and implied, otherwise it usually sounds unnatural.


The following sentence came earlier in this lesson: "Nie słyszę cię."

I guess it's OK to put cię at the end of the sentence because the subject is omitted / implied by the verb? Or is it because "nie" must immediately proceed the verb it negates?


There are two places where cię/ciebie can be - at the beginning or at the end. Beginning is always accented.


What's the difference between "He does not hear me" and "He does not listen to me"?


"He does not hear me" is "On mnie nie słyszy", while "He does not listen to me" is "On mnie nie słucha". słyszeć vs słuchać.


What about "he cannot hear me" ?

(Eg. youre shouting to some person far across the street/crowd etc, and then you turn to your friend next to you and say "no, he cant hear me".)

Is that also 'on mnie nie slyszy" ?

He does not hear - słyszy.

He does not listen - słucha

He can not hear - (?)


"He can not hear" would be "on nie słyszy"


And sorry, just another question....

In English, if you tell someone something, they may 'hear' you, yes.

They may even 'listen' to you (ie. be attentive).

But if they do not then follow your advice or your orders, (ie. your employee or your children) we say "yes Ive told him many times, but he doesnt listen".

"Listen" in this context doesnt mean that he didnt hear you, or that he didnt pay attention. It just means he then didnt do as you have told him or asked or advised.

Can "on nie słucha" be used like this?

Sorry if this question is too early in the course.

Best to scratch the curiousity itch when it arises. :)


No problem! I enjoy good questions ;)

  1. Yes, "He cannot hear me" is also "On mnie nie słyszy", because it basically means the same thing as "He doesn't hear me". If you translate "cannot" literally, you arrive at something rather strange, which we just don't say.

  2. Yes, the other meaning of "to listen to", which is more or less "to obey", is also conveyed by "słuchać". Sometimes we use colloquial "słuchać się" to show the difference in meaning, but technically just "słuchać" is the right way to go there.


Is "mnie" genitive here?

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