"You are selling his cat?"

Translation:Sprzedajesz jego kota?

January 11, 2016

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    if it is a question i would suggest the proper translation is - are you selling his cat? rather than - you are selling his cat?


    You can say 'You are selling his cat?' to express your bewilderment, e.g. in a dialogue

    • I'm selling his cat.

    • You are selling his cat? (what the hell?!)

    [deactivated user]

      For me, it is rather a statement than a question, but OK I conceed the point ;) but it's purely contextual :)


      As "sprzedać" is the imperfective verb and "sprzedawać" is the perfective verb, am I right if i translate "you are selling" as "sprzedasz" instead of "sprzedajesz" ("you sell") ?


      No. Perfective words do not have present meaning. They only have past and future tense.

      Sprzedasz means You will have sold.

      Most verbs in Polish have only one version of present- imperfective verb.

      Polish perfective verbs inform us that the action is or will be finished. Polish imperfective verbs infom us that the action takes/took place/will take place.


      Thank you very much ! I'll have less trouble with perfective/imperfective verbs now !


      Wouldn't "jego" mean "this" rather than "his"?


      No, it means "his".

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