"You are selling his cat?"

Translation:Sprzedajesz jego kota?

January 11, 2016


[deactivated user]

    if it is a question i would suggest the proper translation is - are you selling his cat? rather than - you are selling his cat?

    January 11, 2016


    You can say 'You are selling his cat?' to express your bewilderment, e.g. in a dialogue

    • I'm selling his cat.

    • You are selling his cat? (what the hell?!)

    January 11, 2016

    [deactivated user]

      For me, it is rather a statement than a question, but OK I conceed the point ;) but it's purely contextual :)

      January 12, 2016


      As "sprzedać" is the imperfective verb and "sprzedawać" is the perfective verb, am I right if i translate "you are selling" as "sprzedasz" instead of "sprzedajesz" ("you sell") ?

      February 27, 2016


      No. Perfective words do not have present meaning. They only have past and future tense.

      Sprzedasz means You will have sold.

      Most verbs in Polish have only one version of present- imperfective verb.

      Polish perfective verbs inform us that the action is or will be finished. Polish imperfective verbs infom us that the action takes/took place/will take place.

      April 6, 2016


      Thank you very much ! I'll have less trouble with perfective/imperfective verbs now !

      April 6, 2016


      Wouldn't "jego" mean "this" rather than "his"?

      January 1, 2017

      • 3

      No, it means "his".

      January 3, 2017
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