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Finished my Esperanto tree!

I just finished my Esperanto tree (also my first Duolingo tree) in 24 days, level 11, with 3704 XP, all gold! I'm so excited!

January 11, 2016



I am currently just doing the occasional bit of Esperanto on the side while focussing on my Norwegian tree, but I'll get to that one soon.


Thank you! I have done the 'occasional bit' of Esperanto for more than ten years; a lot of that via lernu.net, but I also have some books and got one year of Esperanto-USA newsletters plus other sites. I didn't know about Duolingo until 24 days ago, sed mi tre ŝatas ĝin!


Well, that explains a bit how you were able to work your way through the tree that fast. I finished the French one in 77 days, unearthing four years' worth of school French from 30+ years ago.


Nice! I've managed to keep up on my almost 30 year old German over the decades... well, mostly. I've been at this 10 days on Duolingo and it's really kicking my butt in terms of spelling errors - often on details that were once fresh.


Bonege. Kion vi faros nun?


Do you feel that the esperanto tree has given you good solid basis? I've dabbled in esperanto a bit but want to try it again!


I know you're asking Cxarmina - but here's my perspective. The only way to get good and solid in Esperanto is through time and practice, and Duolingo is a good way to get plenty of both. Because of the nature of Esperanto (simple grammar) a traditional grammar based approach is still a good thing - although it's possible you've already had that if you've dabbled in Esperanto before. (I happen to know that Cxarmina had also "dabbled" before starting here.)

For sure, by the time you've finished the tree, you will be comfortable reading regular Esperanto texts with a dictionary at hand, and that's all the basis you need.


Ah that's great! Will defiantly give it a try soon then!


Congratulations :-)


wow i still am doing my spanish tree and it is taking forever


WOW 24 DAYS! I am on day 46 and on the last part of the tree, its just so big o.o

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