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"You can exchange dollars here."

Translation:Ви можете обміняти долари тут.

January 11, 2016



What'wrong with: "Тут ви можете обміняти доларі"?

[deactivated user]

    It's not wrong. I think it should be reported.

    Basically, the prases differ in what is the new information:

    • Ви мо́жете обміня́ти до́лари тут is a sentence about where you can exchange dollars. This sentence tells the new information: the place of the currency exchange. The topic of currency exchange was probably brought up in the conversation before, and the new information is the place: that you can actually exchange them here.
    • Тут ви мо́жете обміня́ти до́лар is a sentence about this place. New information told in this sentence: that there's a currency exchange here.


    So like Polish:

    Może pan/pani / możecie państwo wymienić dolary tutaj (w tym miejscu) - Someone asked about it,you take that person to the right palce and say it.

    Tu (W tym miejscu) może pan (and other variants above) wymienić dolary. - You walk with someone, you see the place where you can change dollars and say it.

    In Polish in formal situation you call a man (male) "pan" and women "pani" and use 3rd person singular with "pan"/"pani". In formal plural, you call the group "państwo" and use 3rd person plural with "państwo"

    In English they're both the same :/


    Is it always necessary to use я, ти, ви ... etc?

    [deactivated user]

      In writing and formal speech they are generally used. In colloquial speech you could drop them.

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