"A hundred men and a hundred women."

Translation:Stu mężczyzn i sto kobiet.

January 11, 2016

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Stu? Where the heck did that come from?


Numerals are also inflected in Polish. „Stu” is male personal plural form of „sto”.


I'm putting this here so that the next time I come across this exercise I won't need Google.


nominative: stu (m pers); sto (other)

genitive: stu

dative: stu

accusative: stu (m pers); sto (other)

instrumental: stoma

locative: stu


Complexity for the sake of complexity!


I always have trouble with numbers! Some time back I found online a really useful table with all numbers in all cases but now I cannot find it. Could you please direct me to somewhere that explains what is going on? I am totally lost.


Well, 'what is going on' is a bit too general of a question...

With this sentence, which generally as a whole uses Nominative, it's as follows: men take the special form "stu" as it's a 'masculine personal plural' noun, women, as they are in the 'other' (not masculine-personal plural) group take the basic form "sto". The special Nominative/Accusative form is, I believe, always identical to the Genitive one.

And like majority of numerals, "100" takes a noun in Genitive. It's like "A hundred of men and a hundred of woman".

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