"Pracuję z dwunastoma pracownikami."

Translation:I am working with twelve employees.

January 11, 2016

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Dwunastoma for 12 is a word I hope I never need!


Why does "twelve" have to be a noun?


it's a numeral.and those are weird

nr 5-21 have complicated rules , and then 25-31 and so on to 95-101, 105-121 and so on to infinity

but for male personal nouns instrumental is the only place numerals (5-21) change. dwunastu-dwunastoma, and male nouns take Genitive form in Nominative all the rest is normal for male personal that is


All the rest is ""normal"


Could you explain what you mean? In English "twelve" is also a noun, and it's the same in Polish


What is the difference between dwanaście and dwunastoma? Those are two different 12s, and they don't look much like each other. Shouldn't the second look a lot like the first?

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When in doubt, consult a dictionary.

Polish numerals decline by case. Most numerals from 5 up have:

genitive/dative/locative -u
instrumental -oma
and for masculine personal: nominative, accusative and vocative also in -u

with some consonant changes in some numerals.


"dwunastoma" is instrumental case (narzędnik) of the word "dwanaście" and answers questions (z) kim? – with who? / with whom? and (z) czym? – with what?


Could you explain how you construct this sentence, "Pracuję z dwunastoma pracownikami." I cannot see where dwunastoma comes from. I assume it is the instrumental but I cannot find the declension which details this for me. Perhaps it is the Genitive as it is a number ending in 2?


I'm so confused why even the first part changes, why not dwanastoma? Polish is hard if you're not used to cases?..


Polish is really hard if you're not used to cases. And numbers are quite complicated.

About "dwa" vs "dwunastoma"... well, I can't give you any reason, that's just how the declension looks like. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dwana%C5%9Bcie#Declension


I work with twelve employees <-- was not accepted. Is there another verb for 'to work habitually' or should this have been accepted?


It should have already worked, it's listed as an accepted answer.

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