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"Ich habe zusätzlich noch eine Frage."

Translation:Additionally, I have one question.

January 13, 2013



Sometimes they demand absolute literal translation and sometimes they tolerate reasonable alternatives. Sometimes they ignore their own dictionary. I suppose it must be hard for a program to deal with all the variations English offers. Still they should not mark things wrong that actually use the words they have in their dictionary. That strikes me a just bad programming. And it is pretty annoying when it ends up making you repeat a section.


The German text sounds like a pleonasm to me. 'Noch' means already something like additional or more or something. 'Noch einmal' for instance.


i wrote "an" instead of "one", why is "an" incorrect?


"Additionally, I have a question" should also be correct, in my opinion (I'm german native).

"Additionally, I have an question" doesn't seem like correct english to me.


because it is not correct. when i wrote the comment, i mistyped it. still, anyone who reads my question can understand what i am asking. why is "a" incorrect and "one" correct in the sentence above?

[deactivated user]

    Both are fine.


    I think you all wrong, since they use the phrase "noch eine" which means "one more". I think the correct translation should be: "In addition, I have one more question." or something similar.


    I typed "I have just one more question". Why is that wrong?

    [deactivated user]

      The German sentence doesn't say "just".


      Why can't I say "I still have an additional question."?


      Since you don't have they word "still" in the German sentence. From what I know, when they want to say "still" in German they use the phrase "immer noch" . Hope it was helpful. :)


      I just want to clarify this because it's confusing to me. Noch means still, right? So if you want to say "I still have a question" is the correct translation "Ich habe noch eine Frage"? Or do you have to say "Ich habe immer noch eine Frage"? And is the correct translation of "Ich habe noch eine Frage", "I have one question" (as duolingo translates it, which seems to ignore the noch) or "I have one more question"?


      I think the correct translation should be: "In addition, I have one more question." or something similar. Also I think duolingo is wrong. "noch" can be translated to "still" (it's a tricky word) http://www.dict.cc/?s=noch However, "noch eine" or "noch ein" is something completely different, it means "another" http://www.dict.cc/?s=noch+ein Perhaps there is a German native speaker that could clarify this word better than I, cause it is really a tricky word...


      does additionally refers to something else other than another question?

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