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Does anyone know if Duolingo does Mexican Spanish instead of Spain? Or how to get it? Thanks!

4 years ago



We teach a neutral Spanish on Duolingo :) One of our objectives is to be as inclusive as possible and, as you know, this isn't an easy task. We try to not follow any one country-specific version to teach a standardized form of Spanish, but our Spanish course is definitely based mainly on Latin American Spanish. Latin American Spanish meaning we teach more words used specifically in Latin America, such as "ustedes" vs "vosotros." However, we do accept "vosotros" when the exercises ask you to translate into Spanish; our Spanish database tries to accept country-specific vocabulary where applicable and so long as they abide by the Spanish language regulator, Real Academia Española (http://www.rae.es). Rest assured that we value your comments, and are constantly working on improving the lessons with the feedback you provide :)

4 years ago


Thank you for responding to this question. It has been asked repeatedly over the past year.

4 years ago


Watch out for little lexical quirks with respect to Mexican Spanish (like e.g. "cebolla" for "onion" instead of "sepolla"). "Ustedes" for "vosotros" (both used scantly in Mex. Spanish) threw me for a loop, too. Really wish y'all would work on some differentiation as addenda or supplementary material. Mexican Spanish has a particular prevalence in the U.S., especially in the western states (and arguably Canada).

4 years ago

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As per the discussion here: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/557689 "The version of spanish that duolingo uses is a neutral south america spanish...by neutral i mean the spanish that ESPN uses for their latin american shows, or the one that is used when translating movies, or the spanish that news readers use in CNN (even in the main news shows of every country)..." Luis von Ahn, creator of Duolingo, is Guatemalan.

4 years ago

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i've got to prep

2 years ago


Eso es genial. Creo que más personas les gustaría aprender el español de América en lugar de España español

2 years ago


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1 year ago


A Como faço para me comunicar com os senhores para aumentar o tempo para aprender espanhol

7 months ago