"I want to buy computer parts."

Translation:Chcę kupić części do komputera.

January 11, 2016

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"Chcę kupić części do komputera" This "do" is very confusing for me. Can anyone explain why do we need "do" here? Why can't we just say "Chcę kupić części komputera"? When is "do" used?


"Chcę kupić częsci komputera" = "I want to buy parts of a computer" (e.g. someone dismantled a computer and you want some of these parts)

"Chcę kupić części do komputera" = "I want to buy parts for a computer" (e.g. you want parts to install in your computer to make it work)


'Chcę kupić części komputerowe' to poprawne zdanie?


Yes, although I don't know if it is accepted. In case it is not, just report it.


Can dla work here instead of do?

In Russian, it's Chociu kupit' zapćasti dlia kompiutera.


The people around Białystok speak like that. The rest of Poland make fun of them because of that. Generally dla is ok when we think about person.

Chcę kupić części dla Marka - I want to buy parts for Mark. - this is ok, natural sentence.

Chcę kupić przyczłap do bulbulatora - Also ok. Bulbulator is a thing. (both przyczłap i bulbulator have no meaning but are used solely in jokes)


Is it possible to use kupować instead of kupić? If it is, would it change the meaning to something like: I want to buy computer parts for a living (eg because I work in supply chain management at a computer manufacturer). Just trying to make sense of that aspect business.


Yes, it's technically possible, and means something like what you wrote. But it's just very, very weird and unusual.

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