January 11, 2016

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Depending on what sentence this word was in it could be "saniye" couldn't it?

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    ''saniye'' is the singular version of this word.


    But according to Google Translate the phrase "five seconds" could be translated as "beş saniye" therefore if Google Translate is correct in some cases the word "seconds" can be translated as "saniye", it depends on the phrase or sentence.


    That's true; Turkish puts nouns in the singular after numbers and most other counting expressions: birkaç saniye "a few seconds", beş saniye "five seconds".

    Also, general objects are usually in the singular, according to https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7736911 - so something like "he counts seconds" might be "saniye sayıyor".

    But if "seconds" stands by itself (as in this exercise), then only "saniyeler" works, I think.


    saniyeler sonra :in seconds
    bu saniyelerde : in these moments


    Yes, or saniyeden, or saniyeyi, or saniyem, or .....


    Excuse me ,why after a there is i with dot ?Thank you


    It's a loanword from Arabic -- those don't always follow the rules of vowel harmony the way native Turkish words do.


    Saniyeler is arbic word orignally


    Mevsim - Season.

    Ne Kavgam Bitti Ne Sevdam - Sezen Aksu

    "Çiçeklerim dökülür her mevsim."


    Good morning Kirsten

    I am only quoting a verse of a song by - Sezen Aksu

    "Çiçeklerim dökülür her mevsim." - The flowers no longer in bloom fall to the ground & are replaced with other flowers as the flower buds open & bloom. Each season of course - "mevsim."

    "Gonca yüklü" - Flower bud that is about to open & reveal a beautiful flower - Like you.

    I hope this explains your "?"

    Kind regards.


    I think I was a bit bored & that's why I posted a song by - Sezen Aksu. She is my inspiration & motivation. Her music will lift any low mood into sheer bliss & happiness.

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