"Szukamy wygodnego pokoju."

Translation:We are looking for a comfortable room.

January 11, 2016

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Just want to share my another surprise with "false friends of the translator". In Russian we have absolutely the same words "выгодный"/vygodny и "корыстный"/korystny, but Polish "wygodny" doesn't mean "vygodny", but "udobny"/comfortable, and our "vygodny" is Polish "korzystny"/beneficial, profitable, but Russian "korystny" means "interesowny"/self-serving. :) Life circle of words and languages is very interesting indeed.


Can 'comfy' be added as a shortened form of 'comfortable'?


We usually don't accept informal answers, but... okay, let it be, added :)


Why are some of the prases spoken so fast? We old timers and I'm sure the ones studying the language, can't grasp, the meaning of what is being said. I certainly have problems with some.


The audio is generally bad, no matter what's your age :(


Why is it wygodnego? I thought the nego bit was for animate things like people (or a tomato). Dzieki


"szukać" takes Genitive.

The animate/inanimate difference only matters for masculine nouns in Accusative.


Pokoju's little info box says "peace" I stead of room. Do they share a word?


The hover text translates pokoju to "peace". This is incorrect.


I heared "pokoją" !


I hear "pokoju" clearly there. You may check the pronounciation here, there is a clear distinction between these two https://www.ivona.com/pl/


when listening, how can you tell the difference between 'y' and 'e'. honestly they sound the same and it's frustrating when the system tags me incorrect when i use 'y' instead of 'e' in some words and 'e' instead of 'y'.


It just takes practice, I guess? I often have problems with that too, it really isn't easy to distinguish the two sounds if you're not used to them. But they can't accept 'y' in place of 'e' and vice versa, because there is a difference between them, even if we can't hear it so well yet. And it's an important difference too, just think about adjective declension.


This one was so fast that the only way I could understand was by using the slow version. My daughter speaks that fast in English and I miss half of what she says.


Ah! It got me! Technically, writing, that is.... This sentence was counted wrong because I didn’t capitalize the first word. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lnw1p5f1o8vew6m/Photo%20Sep%2021%2C%206%2000%2044%20PM%20%281%29.png?dl=0


I passed it further :)


Thank you. = )


Learning a foreign language requires perfect diction to undestand it. I have the same problem with some letters being difficult to hear and understand.


Is there a bug? Pokoju is translated as "peace"!!! I was almost sure pokoju was room, so I thought maybe there was a false character, so I wrote "I am looking for a comfortable place". Wrong!


"pokój" means both "a room" and "peace", but definitely not "a place".


I'm really going crazy here... I simply can't get why on the same lesson we have Szukamy wygodynego pokoju (biernik) and before was Szukam długej książki (dopełniacz), I never know when to use each other.


Both sentences are in the same case, dopełniacz (eng: genitive). Some verbs just take dopełniacz as the direct object.

You spell it "wygodnego" and "długiej" :)


So it's a matter to know when dopełniacz is going to be the similar to biernik. Thanks for the clarification.

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