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I've just started learning polish!!!!!!!!!!!!

No one cares but learning a new language is important. If you move to a place where they don't speak English, you won't get anywhere!!!!!!So I'm learning many different languages to do so.{@style=color:navi}

January 11, 2016



I'm learning Polish too! :)


Awesome! I just got to the first checkpoint and love it so far. It is a pretty hard language but if you read the tips and notes well then you should be fine. It is great that you are learning so many languages. I want to learn a lot as well.


Powodzenia! (It means good luck in Polish) :D


Polish is fun but a bit hard:)


I am also learning Polish :) It is a great language, no?


I've been learning Polish since September 2016, in preparation for my son's wedding and a holiday in Poland in 2017. I have been talking in my limited Polish to a Polish mum at school and she understands me!


do you want to move to Poland? it's the only place people speak Polish and nothing else. Learning a new language is important and fun, try and be inspired and ask for help because you will need it a lot, especially if you only use duolingo, and this is your first foreign language.


People speak Polish also in some regions of Lithuania.


i meant places where there are people who speak only Polish. I believe majority of Polish speaking people in Lithuania speak also Lithuanian and/or Russian. I may be wrong


I trying to learn Polish too because I live in a Polish neighbourhood. It's killer hard! I am having a lot of difficulty getting the letters right. (I'm useless at "type what you hear")


I start for real when I finish my Russian tree. Polish seems to be pretty useful. Plenty of Poles do not speak English.


I'm learning it as well. In a month know am now 12 percent fluent so I expect to complete the course soon


Imagine never having any formal schooling, or just basic schooling, and being sent as a refugee by mandate from the E.U. to Poland or Hungary and learning the languages as an adult? The times ahead might be interesting! Maybe I will be able to read a Polish newspaper by then to follow this topic.


Thats Honestly amazing, i want to travel, so ill probably do that as well. Hope all goes well. Powodznia!


Jak cos moge Ci dac pare wskazowek (jestem polka) c:


You are Polish person learning Dutch, I am Dutch person learning Polish, want to help out eachother? ;)

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