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  5. "Du har fået mest mad."

"Du har fået mest mad."

Translation:You have gotten the most food.

January 11, 2016



Uh, what does this mean?


It means You got the most food as in You got more food than the rest of us.

I see why you had to ask, though.


Gotten is not an English word.


It is an American-English word. Duolingo aims for courses to be American-English. If the British-English equivalent is not accepted please report the sentence via the report button.


Q. Why is this translated "You have gotten the most food", as opposed to "You have gotten most food"? The latter admittedly doesn't sound great, but I thought, in order to end up with "You have gotten the most food", you'd have to start with "Du har fået den meste mad"? Confused :/ Any ideas?


Gotten??? Never ever in my British vocabulary.


Grotten!!! Not very English


I have never ever heard a British person in England use the word "gotten".


Okay, but that's not what Linda is complaining about. She's saying it is not an English word. It clearly is.


Perhaps a slight misinterpretation of the word "English"? Here (


I don't feel I am misinterpreting. English is spoken natively by somewhere around 572 million people, according to Washington Post (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2015/04/23/the-worlds-languages-in-7-maps-and-charts/). And "gotten" is spoken by some of them.


My message was seemingly truncated! I continued with:

...Here the English we Brits speak does not include the word gotten in the vocabulary. Admittedly we no doubt make up a minor percentage of speakers of English worldwide. And I readily accept that gotten is used by many. But we here don't.


Sure, it exits but isn't often used. There are better alternatives. We would rather change the whole sentence than use that word.

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