"I feel like eating soup."

Translation:Mam ochotę na zupę.

January 11, 2016



where is the "eating"?

January 11, 2016


"Mam ochotę" works like "Mam apetyt" here.
"I have an appetite for soup" -> "Mam ochotę/apetyt na zupę".

January 11, 2016


It is because structural differences between English and Polish. In Polish eating is implied 'by default'.

I feel like eating soup - Mam ochotę na zupę (because soup is generally for eating).

I feel like making soup - Mam ochotę zrobić zupę.

January 12, 2016


Would "i have a hankering" be an appropriate translation as well?

May 18, 2016


Is "Chciałbym zjeść zupę." an acceptable translation for this. If not, why not?

I'm not reporting this one, because I'm not sure it's correct.

September 17, 2016


It's rather "I would like to eat soup", but okay, added.

September 17, 2016


Thanks to your help, i can see that now.

September 18, 2016


I guess that "Chciałbym" is somewhat lower down the tree than I have got so far....

March 2, 2017


czuję się jak jeść zupę?

December 22, 2016


Nonononono, that doesn't make any sense in Polish.

"I feel like eating soup" seems to me like quite a colloquial construction, but I don't have anything better for "Mam ochotę na..."

December 25, 2016


I think I understand what "Mam ochotę na zupę" means, but can "I would like some soup" be made the default English translation? As I'm not a native English speaker, "I feel like eating soup" sounds for me like this: my mouth tells me that I'm eating soup, even though I'm not eating anything now (or eating something else, which doesn't look like soup).

March 3, 2017


"I would like..." is somewhat a request for somebody else to go make it for you. "I feel like eating...." could mean that, but it could also mean that you yourself would go get the soup from the store/your pantry and make it for yourself.

March 3, 2017
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