"Może ona jest głodna?"

Translation:Maybe she is hungry?

January 11, 2016



I don't know if this is the best place for my comment since it does not have much to do with food, but I always come up with word "morze" (sea) in my mind, when I hear "może" ;) they are pronounced the same way, I think. Makes me want to try to make sentence of these. Może morze może mówić : "mąż" ( maybe the sea can say: "husband") ;) please correct me if there's mistakes :)

May 19, 2016


yes they are pronounced exactly the same way, and are the most "famous" Polish homophones And your sentence is 100% correct :)

May 19, 2016


Ż and RZ sound the same in Polish. The same thing is with H and CH.

June 12, 2016


You forgot the period. ; ) .

August 29, 2017


Can she be hungry?

January 11, 2016


No, it would be: "Czy ona może być głodna?"

"może" can also mean "maybe"

January 11, 2016


I'm not a native speaker, but I don't think the suggested answer "Maybe she is hungry?" is a grammatically correct question in English.

January 11, 2016


It sounds very natural. E.g. if a baby was crying you would say "maybe she is hungry" either with or without a question intonation.

March 23, 2016


I think that if someone wondered whether she is hungry they could say so.

January 11, 2016


Niestety nie zawsze. Niemowlę nie mówi, ono krzyczy!

– Może jest głodna? – ...Nie.

– Może jest mokra? – Nie.

– Może musi tylko spać? – Może.

January 30, 2019


I don't see the translation to English like a question, but in Polish, it seems yes.

February 3, 2017


'maybe she is hungry' to me is barely a question. I would describe it more as a statement of ones opinion which can if one chooses be rebuffed, accepted or ignored. I agree somewhat with LestonBuell 'Might she be hungry' creates the sentence as a question

October 5, 2017


Well, not everything ending with a question mark is a real question. To me this sentence is someone's guess, a presumption, said with a question intonation because they are not sure.

Anyway, I guess your version works. Added now.

October 6, 2017


Perhaps is she hungry? was not accepted as the correct answer. Can anyone explain why?

October 30, 2016


The word order is wrong. "Is she hungry" works as a question, but when you're using it as a statement like this, it needs to be "she is hungry". That stays true when we put the word "perhaps" in front of it.

October 31, 2016


Colloquially at least.. i would say as a question.. about a crying baby Perhaps she is hungry?

November 5, 2017


It may be about word order. Ona jest głodna - She is hungry. Może ona jest głodna - Maybe/Perhaps she is hungry.

July 20, 2017


In polish language, am I not supposed to use normal verb infinitive when combining it with modal verb?

Also, could I omit "ona" in this sentence?

March 18, 2017


It's not "może" as a modal verb here, it's "maybe". So actually it's like a difference between "maybe" and "(she) may be" :)

March 18, 2017


Yes, you can omit "ona"

March 18, 2017


"Maybe is she hungry?" Is not correct? Who can explain why

December 31, 2017


It's just not a correct question in English. You can ask "Is she hungry", but with "maybe" it's less of a question and more of a presumption.

January 3, 2018


how about "can she be hungry?"

December 5, 2018
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