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  5. "İyi ki hastaneye geldik."

"İyi ki hastaneye geldik."

Translation:Fortunately we came to the hospital.

January 12, 2016



How can we know that the prounoun is "biz" in this sentence


The ending of "geldik" makes it clear that the subject is "biz". For the subjects ben/sen/o/biz/siz/onlar it would be geldim/geldin/geldi/geldik/geldiniz/geldiler.


I think "good thing we came to the hospital" is a valod translation, even if it is a bit colloquial.


It accepts this one: "Good that we came to the hospital"


I agree! It is a good thing... should be accepted.


It rejected 'luckily we came to the hospital' and 'fortunately we came to hospital' both of which should be accepted. Luckily is obviously a synonym of fortunately, and in British English we leave out the article with places like hospital, church, school. To be in hospital, to go to church, to come to school, etc. Go to hospital and come to hospital are completely normal and acceptable in BE.


That used to be the case in North America for "hospital" a few decades ago. We still use no article with church and school.


Where is WE in the turkish sentence!!! Where did it came from ((


It's in the "-k" at the end of the verb.

Look at the conjugation of gelmek in the past tense:

  • geldim (I came)
  • geldin (You came)
  • geldi (he/she came)
  • geldik (we came)
  • geldiniz (you came)
  • geldiler (they came)


This sounds more true: Good that we came to the hospital


So how would we say "we came to the hospital that is good"...? Cause it looks like the same to me.


That would be "İyi hastaneye geldik." The difference is the lack of "ki", which can be translated as "that" in this context.


I think what you wrote is "we came to the good hospital" I still want to keep the "that" factor but say it about the hospital. We came to the hospital that's good. So how would you say that..?


I think the closest you can come to making that distinction in Turkish is by saying "İyi olan hastaneye geldik." That suggests that among several choices, we came to the hospital that is the good one. In English I consider the statements "we came to the good hospital" and "we came to the hospital that is good" to be fairly synonymous, so you may want to clarify the distinction.


Thank you. I agree they can sound synonymous, but like I wrote in the previous message sometimes we do want to make that distinction of pointing to "the one that is.." out of all the ones that exist.


Wher is'' fortunatly'' word in Turkish in this sentences


"İyi ki" literally means "good that", and is translated as "fortunately" in this sentence.


Why (iyiki) is not accepted


Are (iyiki) and (iyi ki) different ???

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