"Do you love me?"

Translation:Kochasz mnie?

January 12, 2016

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Can you say "mnie kochasz"?


Not really. Only if it would make sense to say "What?! You love ME?!" and then you need to strongly emphasize 'mnie' with your voice. And even then it could make more sense to just emphasize "mnie" in normal "Kochasz MNIE?!"


The correct answer that was shown to me was Ty mnie kochasz. Since I thought that pronouns could be dropped, I had written mnie kochasz. My question: Does the word order change when you drop the pronoun? Thanks.


Not exactly, but the thing is, that this sentence is just three words long. And putting the personal pronoun (in a function other than the subject of the sentence) at the beginning of the sentence is weird on the border of just wrong.

In this particular sentence, the only really natural question is "Kochasz mnie?" (and "Kochacie mnie?" if you really feel the need to ask it in plural 'you').

Then, you can of course use the question-making "Czy", and then it feels a lot better if you specify the subject: "Czy ty mnie kochasz?" is definitely better than "Czy mnie kochasz?". "Ty mnie kochasz?" definitely looks like a surprised "What?! You love me?!". And "Mnie kochasz?" is just too bad to accept.


Thank you! Your explanation is really helpful


The new voice sounds like muh-nie


At least the female one


All the new voices are completely fine here.


Czy kochasz mnie? Wasn't accepted for me. Should I change the word order when using "czy" or was this a simple oversight?


Adding "czy" means that you have another place to put the pronoun rather than at the end, so that would be "Czy mnie kochasz?". But I'd recommend sticking to "Kochasz mnie?" anyway, that just feels the most natural.


I wrote "czy ty mnie kochasz" and was still accepted, what would both translations be more closely to in english? Did i just essentially go a really long way about asking the same thing


Not even such a long way, I'd consider it the second most natural variant (better than "Czy mnie kochasz?" without "czy"). "Kochasz mnie?" is definitely the best way.

I don't think there's any possibility to translate one differently to English.


Cant "do you love me" also translate to "cie kochasz mnie"?


No, because you used Accusative twice.

If you want to use singular 'you' you could say: Kochasz mnie? Czy mnie kochasz? Czy ty mnie kochasz?.


So what's the difference between "Kochasz mnie?" And "Kochacie mnie?". I've always used the former with my husband - jokingly asking if he loves me.


And you could use the latter with his parents :) The second one is plural. Polish distinguishes between singular and plural 'you', unlike English.


Haha yeah! Thanks!


Why there is no 'czy' ? I understood it like the right question would be 'czy kochacie mnie'..? I'm a bit confused about it. Please tell me. Is it just because plural?


It is my understanding that 'czy' is optional.


Could you learn to love me?


"Czy kochasz mnie" uznało za błedne. Litości, zacznijcie kochać prawidlowe tłumaczenia.


Nie jesteśmy wielbicielami takiego szyku, ale... ok, zlitujemy się ;) Dodałem.


I'm having trouble mastering this lessons

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