"Jaki jest charakter tego związku?"

Translation:What is the nature of this relationship?

January 12, 2016

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    Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't figure out what this sentence is supposed to mean. I've never seen such a sentence before. (Maybe an overly direct translation from Polish?)


    It means "What is the nature of this relationship?" The word "character" is not used in such a way in English? If no, then you should report it.


    Nature is a much better word for the sentence


    The word character can be used in this sentence in English, but nature is way more natural and common


    why is only 'relationship' accepted as translation of związek? According to https://pl.wiktionary.org/wiki/zwi%C4%85zek , 'connection' is valid too. Or is it some set phrase?


    Maybe the sentence is a bit unfortunate and not obvious enough, but it almost certainly means a "związek" between two people, it's like asking whether they're dating or are just friends - and I cannot see "connection" put in such a context. So on the page you linked that would be (1.2) which is only translated as 'relationship'.


    Yes, the question is - what in this sentence makes a reader think about relationship? How would it be if someone wanted to ask about a type of chemical connection, for example?


    I actually think the Polish sentence can be a question on a chemistry exam. (is it base or acid?) I have no idea how to translate this to English though.

    I think the lack of context or the word "chemiczny" makes most people disregard this possibility.


    So, without any clarifying context, it is to be assumed that związek means relationship, isn't it?


    yes. There is this sentence in English for Polish course "I am going to the union"="Idę do związku" and the comment section is filled with rage because with no context Polish sentence seems ridiculous.

    Relation/connection is other meaning that does not need much context, but doest not work with this sentence.


    So, Maria, are you suggesting that a possible alternate translation could be 'What is the nature of this combination [of chemicals]?'


    I guess it would be "What is the nature of this chemical compound?"

    But as technically we don't have anything about chemistry here...


    "What is the nature of this relationship" is a valid question if you are maybe a parent or a teacher asking about a slightly dubious relationship between a teenager and an older man/woman. Or if you are genuinely questioning a new relationship you are having.


    What kind of relationship is this?


    I think I'd translate it as "Co to za związek?" or "Jaki to związek?", that's quite far from the original sentence.


    Does it involve conjugation?


    Well, it's likely, but there's nothing explicitly pointing to that here.

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