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  5. "El período"

"El período"

Translation:The period

January 13, 2013



I am fully confused, one word means "the period" once more... What´s the distinction among "el período", "la época" and "el plazo"? Thanks.


Also, even though this lesson is about time, how do you say period (.) as in the end of a sentence?


If the accent mark is on the second syllable, then why does it sound like the speaker is stressing the first syllable? Is the speaker saying it wrong or can you just not always trust the accents in Spanish?


You can trust very much in Spanish accents. Almost 99,9999% are said as the accent marks. But we have a very few words (really very very few) that can be said with two different steresses. One of this is "período" or "periodo", both forms are admitted and if the speaker usually says "periodo" and it is writed "período" he will say without the accent (we really don't look at the accents for known words when we are reading).

PD: I hear the stress in the fist "o", not in the "e", but the word is really awfull said.

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