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"Soup with sugar is a very strange food."

Translation:Şekerli çorba çok tuhaf bir yemek.

January 12, 2016



why is sekerli before corba in this sentence?


I think because it functions as an adjective, and Turkish adjectives always come before the nouns they modify. (I know we've also seen things like "Çayı şekersiz içiyorum," in which case I think of "şekersiz" as an adverb (?))

Belki tuhaflık çorbada ne kadar şeker olduğuna bağlıdır.


It's still weirdo, isn't it? :D How come side by side a sugar and a soup that sour?


In our culture, we have no thing like these. I can't even think its taste :D


You should taste it. It's excellent.

Oh, we put sugar into many unusual things, like fried cabbage with black pepper (but it just caramelizes like the sautéed onion does, there is nothing strange in it) and it's eaten with meat, mostly duck or goose meat. Somewhat stranger combinations: broiled chicken and apricot jam (that's one dish); another dish: pasta (noodles) with cottage cheese, sour cream, salt, bacon AND sugar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUXMAORnuao

And we shouldn't forget the sweet pastries made with lard (pork lard, I know that's not eaten in Turkey, but any lard would do, even goose lard): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcUAqAJ5rdI

And the ultimate Hungarian sweet treat is a bar of cottage cheese covered with chocolate (called Túró Rudi), to begin with. Sorry, this has nothing to do with Turkey, so I stop here. :)


Though these If I will be in Hungary someday, i visit a restaurant which have these :)


Chicken, noodles, salt, sugar AND meat? OMG

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