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  5. "Doctors are going east."

"Doctors are going east."

Translation:Doktorlar doğuya gidiyorlar.

January 12, 2016



When do we use gidiyor and when do we use gidiyorlar??

  • If the subject is not written in the sentence: use "gidiyorlar". For example, "they go" would be "gidiyorlar".
  • If the subject is written, then in general, use "gidiyor". For example, "they go" could also be "onlar gidiyor", and "the doctors go", "doktorlar gidiyor".

If the subject is written and it refers to humans, then you may use "gidiyorlar". (But you don't have to.) So "Doktorlar gidiyorlar." should also be acceptable.

If the subject does not refer to humans, then you should not use "gidiyorlar"... but Turks sometimes do so anyway (i.e. they do not always follow this grammar rule).


So, to a native ear, does "Doktorlar gidiyorlar" sound redundant?


Yep, it is not necessary. You can use it, but there is no real reason too and the vast majority of people would not.




"doğuya doktorlar gidiyor" is wrong ? I am never sure of the places of the words... please help me to understand !

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