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"Antalya Akdeniz Bölgesi'ndedir."

Translation:Antalya is in the Mediterranean Region.

January 12, 2016



Why the -n in Bölgesi'ndedir ?


Because we put an -n- when adding (most) case suffixes to a third-person possessive suffix.

Here, we have Bölge + -si = Bölgesi.

Then if you want to add a case suffix, you add -n- first: bölgesinde, bölgesinden, bölgesine, bölgesinin, bölgesini.

But because "Akdeniz Bölgesi" is a proper noun, you put an apostrophe before any suffixes - including the buffer -n-.


teşekkür ederim :)


Akdeniz Bölgesi. Is this the official name? if yes, why Mediterranean Region?


Akdeniz Bölgesi is the official name of the region in Turkish.

In English, Wikipedia calls it Mediterranean Region

Akdeniz = the Mediterranean Sea, Bölge = region, district

So "Mediterranean Region" seems like a reasonable translation to me.

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