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  5. "O avião sai de manhã."

"O avião sai de manhã."

Translation:The airplane leaves in the morning.

December 17, 2013



Porque nao e "O aviao sai na manha" como "na"="in the"?


because it is not translated literally. In the morning = de/pela manhã.


"Da manha" would work as well, correct?


No. In this case, only de C:


Why not goes in the morning?


when you think you answer should be accepted, just report!


I do; however, that achieves nothing in terms of understanding why it may have been marked as wrong. If I knew the answers to the questions that I ask, I wouldn't be bothering to use Duolingo at all.

The point is that I am learning and do not know if the things I report in fact should be accepted. I greatly appreciate it when you take the time to provide an answer that teaches me something. I think that you are an amazingly generous person for choosing to do so as often as you do, but please don't assume that I ask just to see my words in print.

It would be better if Duolingo provided a response to reports, but they don't, so we must rely on the generosity of spirit and the knowledge of yourself and a handful of others.


sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. Just wanted to say that some sentences are not in thei pool of possible answers, so the best is reporting. If they don't like it, they won't include it at all.



I would still appreciate an answer to this if anyone has the time and knows whether it is right, or wrong for some reason that I can't see. Many thanks in advance.


it is also right, although you may have seen Duo prefers more literal translations. Also, o avião vai de manhã would sound strange to our ears.


Obrigado. I hadn't realised that I would need to use vai fro goes, as goes is one of the options on the hover tip for sai and in English it would be a very natural way of saying it. As always thanks for making this all easier to understand.


Can avião not mean "flight" as well?


What would the translation be for "The plane leaves tomorrow"?


O avião sai amanhã.


Wouldn't it be "O avião sai amanhã"?

Obrigado :)


I tried the plane takes off in the morning but it wasn't accepted. It means the same thing so I've reported.


Ps...."Decolar" = to take-off :)


«The plane leaves in the morning» não foi aceito. Reportei 2019-02-17.


The plane takes off in the morning seems to be the same for me.

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