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Duolingo Windows App

Hi All,

I work in ICT support at a secondary school, I'm trying to use the Duolingo App as our teaching staff now have Surface tablets. However upon opening the app i see the message 'We're having trouble connecting to duolingo right now. Check your connection or try again in a bit'

I'm sure our filter system getting in the way of something but i'm not sure what. Looking at our real time filtering i can see the HTTP code 411 'Client Error Length Required' as you open the app, trying to get to: http://api.duolingo.com/api/1/users/show?id=146932415&_=1452606631

Is there any network documentation for unblocking ports/URLs? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks,


January 12, 2016



If you click on the Edit button at the top of your lists of subscriptions, one of the available discussion topics is "Educators". I'm not subscribed to that topic, but it sounds like it might be a useful place to ask this question.


Hi! I asked around and our guess is that you may have a firewall at the school that strips the Content-Length header from requests. We are not sure why you'd be doing that or how to fix it. Maybe try to contact the ones in charge of setting up the firewall to figure out an explanation? Sorry I can't help you more with this. :

edit: moving this to the Educator's forum in case other schools are experiencing something similar.

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