"Oni rozumieją się nawzajem."

Translation:They understand each other.

January 12, 2016

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"They understand one another" is also correct, right?


Can you say just "Oni rozumieją się" or "Oni rozumieją nawzajem"? Maybe with a slightly different meaning


"oni się rozumieją" is the same but with less stress on "each other" and some added ambiguity. (się does not like being at the end of sentence )

Oni rozumieją "nawzajem" = Means they understand the word/the idea of "nawzajem".


"Oni rozumieją się" - yes, although not here because you shouldn't leave 'się' at the end of the sentence. But as a part of a longer sentence, it's fine. "Oni się rozumieją" is accepted.

"Oni rozumieją nawzajem" does not make any sense.


Is "Oni rozumieją się nawzajem" a common expression in Poland? I have never heard of the word "nawzajem" in this context or any other context. The only expression with which I am familiar is "Oni się rozumieją". Do both expressions mean the same thing — or is there a subtle difference?


Nawzajem is a useful word to distinguish the concepts of "themselves" and "each other". Unlike in English, this distinction isn't usually made explicitly, but you have to derive the meaning from context.

In this sentence, nawzajem is indeed optional, as the alternative interpretation "they understand themselves" is quite unlikely.

In other contexts like "oni widzą siebie" it's not that obvious and it's perhaps better to clarify it with an additional word.


Serdecznie panu dziękuję za wyjaśnienie. Pan tak pięknie pisze po angielsku.


Thank you for your kind words :)

I forgot to mention that wzajemnie is commonly used as a single-word phrase to reciprocate a wish or a greeting, like "same to you!" or "you, too!".

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