"Ona woli koty od psów."

Translation:She prefers cats to dogs.

January 12, 2016

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'woli' sounds in this like 'goli' n its strange man


Note that it's only when one hovers over the word; it sounds fine in the full sentence.
There have been a couple of other words with the same problem. I hope it gets fixed when the Polish course comes out of beta :)


Aaaaaand it didn't.


We don't have access to TTS source code. It's IVONA's work. We can sometimes disble some sentences.


I didn't know what ivona and tts were. I've checked. But why did Duolingo pay for a "not-so-good" tts? Was nobody among the Polish users/creators of the course willing to record their voice?


The real recordings have some issues from creators' point of view. It limits our ability to iterate (newly added sentences would need to be rerecorded, and then added to the course by the Duolingo staff). It's also not a trivial task to record each sentence in the course and then individual words.

As far as I am aware, when real recordings are used, then it is recorded in a proffesional voice/dubbing studio, so tts is actually cheaper (both in Duolingo's money and contributors' time). Courses on Duolingo typically use TTSes when a relatively good one is available (like Spanish, French, English, etc.) Only otherwise the real recordings are ordered (Ukrainian, Hungarian, etc.)


As it is now, the Polish audio is crap. Don't shoot the messenger. Nearly half of sentences have a wrong intonation, with the voice weirdly soaring at the end. Sometimes it is the other way around when it actually should not, ie with questions. It is very irritating for someone like me, who know how to pronounce well. It is much worse for new learners, who rely only on Duolingo and basically learn wrong things because of this course.

These last days I've been learning Hungarian a bit and the difference in quality is huge. Granted, TTS is cheaper...


IVONA ? TTS ? Anyway, I'm not blaming the moderators.


Sorry, the text can't convey your message perfectly. Are you surprised, that it's IVONA's TTS, or you don't know what TTS is?

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I don't hear goli, but on the other hand, I hear poty.


It's confusing actually when "od" actually means "from" o_O


It can work with moments of time (od soboty do czwartku = from Saturday to Thursday), people (wiem to od Damiana = I know it from Damian; wracam od Anny = I'm coming back from Anna's place)... that's what comes to my mind now.


Yeah, I know. The way I remember it "do"="to" and the reverse "od"="from". But this sentence uses "od" to imply "to". But thinking about that again, actually, my native language, Malay uses "daripada" in this context which means "from". I get it! XD


Why not niż instead of od? I probably missed something here ...


In the reverse exercise niż is also accepted, but the difference is that it's not a preposition which affects the noun case, so psy will stay in the accusative case.

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