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  5. "Die Serien beginnen."

"Die Serien beginnen."

Translation:The series are beginning.

January 13, 2013



Wouldn't this mean "The Series (pl.) begin"?


I incorrectly wrote "The series begins," and Duo incorrectly accepted it. (2018.03.22) You can't report "My answer should not be accepted."


If you were talking about a tv series couldn't you correctly say "the series begins this evening"?


I think you’re reading the wrong comments.

Ignore the ones that talk about “what we say in English” or “how the English word series can be used” and focus on the ones that talk about what the German sentence means.

To reiterate: in German, die Serien unambiguously refers to multiple series.


Die Serien beginnen - The series(many) begin.

Die Serie beginnt - The series(one) begins.


Mizinamo I get that. It's just confusing for beginners. Please try and understand that some of Duo's sentences are not easy to fathom when you first meet them even if they're obvious once you know. I read all the comments "right" or "wrong". We're all just trying to learn here but thanks for your help.


Of course. But that would not be a translation of the German sentence, which is about multiple series, not about one series.


I don't think that's clear given the amount of comments on here. It's ambiguous at least.


Can we say this only for tv-series or are they other suitable context, where we can use this sentence?


In American English, it would be correct to say "The series begins." Although it is plural in German, in English it is a singular collective noun.


But if you have more than one series (die Serien), then you need the plural verb. EDIT: For one series, you'd say "The series begins." If you're talking about several series, you'd need to say "The series begin."


In English, the plural of series is again series. So one might say:That TV series is cancelled. Also: In September, the TV series begin and some will soon end. So DL is quite correct.


Except that it is no longer common (in fact, I've never heard it) to say that, at least in American English, so at the very least, "the series begins" should be accepted.


"The series begins." and "Die Serie beginnt." are the correct and definitely used ways to say in American English and German, respectively, that one series is beginning.

"The series begin." and "Die Serien beginnen." are the correct and definitely used ways to say in American English and German, respectively, that more than one series is beginning.

The only correct translation of the plural German version is the plural English version.

Note: In English "series" is NOT a singular collective noun. It is a noun, whose singular and plural are spelled the same.

From The American Heritage Dictionary: When it has the singular sense of "one set," it takes the singular verb, even when series is followed by of and a plural noun: A series of lectures is scheduled. When it has the sense of ... [more than one] set, it takes a plural verb: Two series of lectures are scheduled: one for experts and one for laypeople.


But "The series begins" means something else -- that only one series is beginning.

The German sentence talks about multiple series.


their translation needs to change to "the series are beginning", or more simply "the series begin"


As of 2/15/17, it is accepted now. :)


'series' meaning 'Tv series'?


Or any other (books, comic books, action figures, anything manufactured with a serial number, like computer parts, auto parts, etc.). If this is actually a partial sentence, it could be continued in a lot of different ways, i.e., this means literally that the "The series begin", but you can say "The [TV] series begin(s) today", "The series [of monitors] begin with the number 0A3".


Maybe the series in mathematics lol


Yes, but that's college math (informally "the sum of an infinite sequence"). Same math vocab. in German though :)


In native English, I definitely never say "The series are beginning." Fwiw


Then how do you refer to the several series that begin in the fall?


"the several series that begin in the fall"


Duolingo suggested "The runs are starting", what does this mean? And why isn't "The shows are beginning" accepted?


English is not my mother tounge. But why is "the sequences are starting" wrong?


Should be plural here: the series begins.


you mean "begin"? Series can be either single or plural in English


Poor English. The series is a collective noun so it should be the series is beginning.


The series is a collective noun

That is not correct. "series" is a countable noun and has both singular and plural forms.



For example, "The Big Bang Theory" is a television series.

"Young Sheldon" is another television series.

Together, they are two series. And both of those series might begin on the same day, and you might say: "The series are beginning!".

The German die Serien is unambiguously plural -- just one series would be eine Serie.


Thank you for making that clearer. I can accept your explanation but the phrase feels so uncomfortable as indeed many of the English translations do on Duolingo.


Not also "The series begins."?


No. The German sentence is unambiguously plural: it's about several series, not about one series.

It says Die Serien beginnen, not Die Serie beginnt.


The series begins.


= Die Serie beginnt.

Which is not what Duo's sentence says -- it has plural die Serien, not singular die Serie. So the (several) series "begin" -- it's not that the (one) series "begins".


You don't make that distinction in English. It's like lots of things - there is no direct translation. You would say 'the series begins' whether it is one series or whether it is 100 series.


So if Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory and Sex in the City all started on the same day, you would say “All three series is beginning today” ?

That’s not a usage I’ve heard before.

Where are you from?


While the German sentence is clearly plural both because of subject and verb, it does not have three as a modifier. Without that modifier you would say 'the series begins.'


In American English, "the series" is singular.


"The series (singular) I am watching is very interesting."

"The sieries (plural) I'm watching are very different. One is interesting, the other not so much."

In American English, "series" is a noun whose singular and plural are spelled and pronounced the same. For more info, see my comment above from 2 months ago.


As the term "series" is both singular and plural, Duolingo should accept both "The series begins" and "The series begin."


No, because only one of those is a correct translation of the German sentence Die Serien beginnen -- that is unambiguously plural, i.e. speaking about multiple series, not just one series.


In other words, Serien is nominative plural, and beginnen is 3rd person plural. So we're talking about more than one series.


Series is both plural and singular in the English language (depending on context). Please allow English users to use singular in their response.


The goal is not merely to produce a grammatical English sentence, but to produce a grammatical English sentence that translates the German sentence.

die Serien is unambiguously about multiple series.

"The series begins" is unambiguously about a single series.

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