"Polskie jedzenie jest bardzo smaczne."

Translation:Polish food is very tasty.

January 12, 2016

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    Aaaaah bardzo lubię pierogi !


    This one statement then this comment made me go decide to make some Pierogi xD But I only get cheap frozen Pierogi here :(


    Frozen or not, I need some Pierogi!. looks so good.


    Are they worth it? I heard a lot about them here on Duolingo, in reference to the Polish course, but once tried something similar from Russia, and must say that I was highly disappointed, which is the reason why I'm a bit sceptical.


    Actually, you can fill them with almost anything, maybe you just didn't like the filling you were offered back then. Here are a few options:

    • Pierogi z tartymi ziemniakami, boczkiem i cebulą - Pierogi with mashed potatoes, bacon and onion.

    • Pierogi z (kiszoną) kapustą i grzybami - Pierogi with (sour) cabbage and mushrooms.

    • Pierogi z (białym) serem - Pierogi with curd.

    • Pierogi z łososiem i szpinakiem - Pierogi with salmon and spinach.


    Thanks a lot, they all sound awesome, especially the latter two! I will note them down and soon try them out. :-)


    I agree with this sentence so much that I had to go buy some more kielbasas


    This brings back memories of bigos...and all the wonderful Polish soups.


    "Polish food is really tasty" is not accepted?


    This is translation of Polish sentence so it should be as close as possible to the original version.

    bardzo - very

    naprawdę - really


    This is interesting actually. The english words "very" and "truly" are both derived from the words for "true" in Latin and Old English respectively - "verus" and "treowe". It's a result of the Roman empire that these words really are interchangeable in English for this sentence.


    Really and very are synonyms (not every use, of course, but overlap). If I said, "This is really hot," it means that it is very hot. If I wanted to use the other definition, I would say, "This is actually hot." In fact, I think it is more common to say "really" in a sentence like this. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/really


    Maybe it is common but nevertheless, "very" is more accurate translation.


    How is it a more accurate translation?


    Well, with the literal translation of "really" it would be "Polskie jedzenie jest naprawdę smaczne" (which is a perfectly fine sentence), but I agree that it's close enough to be added.


    Really can mean "very" or it can mean "truly/honestly/actually"


    Italians do it better!


    On the one hand, polish food does not taste very good, on the other hand, it is by far the best food east of Germany...


    Personally, I don't agree with this statement. I would take Romanian food over Polish any time.

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