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  5. "В магазине не было чая."

"В магазине не было чая."

Translation:There was no tea at the store.

January 12, 2016



and so the British man went into a deep, deep depression.


A typical day in the Soviet Union.


but hey, there were turnips!


Why is it чая and not чай?


It is not just about negation, you won't have genitive case after every не. According to the "Master Russian" website, "The genitive is also used after the words нет, не было, не будет."


Right, so from what I remember from my Russian courses is to think of it like this: нет, не было, and не будет are basically the present, past, and future forms of the same phrase, all requiring that you use the genitive case. нет чая = there is no tea, не было = there was no tea, не будет чая = there will be no tea.


Negation does a genitive make.


If чай is a masculine noun, why is it было and not был? Is this the case for all inanimate objects?


In this case, the sentence is trying to convey that "there was no tea". Try to think of "не было" together as a single phrase and as the past tense form of "нет". So, if the sentence read "В магазине нет чая", we would translate this as "There is no tea in the store." Replacing "нет" with "не было" just changes the tense from present to past. And the fact that "чай" is inanimate does not play into this situation. The same thing would happen with an animate noun such as "женщины" (women): "В магазине не было женщин" (There are no women in the store).


The audio I heard does not have "в" at the beginning.


I am Russian, and I can tell you, that it is there.

Я русский, и я могу тебе сказать, что оно там есть.


Thank you! Training the ear is hard work. And I'm delighted that I actually understood your explanation in Russian.


You should listen to the slow pronunciation.


not american please correct for english shop should be accepted as correct.


Can't believe Магазин means store!


It's much like the French "magasin" I think.


It can do in English too, this is why a guns store of bullets is a magazine.


Что за произношение слова "чая"? Они произносят его как "чере". В русском языке нет такого слова! Что за хрень?


"Tea was not in the store" should be accepted right? If not then how would you translate "Tea was not in the store" in to Russian?


While that would convey a similar message, a Russian translation for "Tea was not in the store" would be "Чай не был в магазине." The sentence from the lesson, "В магазине не было чая", conveys the idea that "there was no tea" as opposed to "the tea was not". Your sentence could perhaps imply that a specific kind of tea was not there, while the sentence from the lesson implies there is no tea at all.


What's the difference between this and the form "У_ нет_"?


This form is past tense (there was no). У _ нет _ is present tense (there is no)


I hear чая as "cheereh", both in the sentence and the word version. Isn't that suposed to sound like "chaya"?


'at' would mean the store was a tearoom. 'In' means there was no tea for sale

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