"The dog is ours."

Translation:O cachorro é nosso.

January 13, 2013

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É nosso -----" It's ours " São nossos------ " They are ours "


The dog is ours ----o cachorro é nosso The dogs are ours---- os cachorros são nossos


Why isnt the article necessary here. I thought it should be o cachorro é o nosso not just nosso


That's what the hints say to use, but then marks it wrong. Incredibly frustrating!


Why is "o cachorro e o nosso" not accepted?


I am totally confused abt nossos and nosso


Which one you use depends on the the noun. There are four cases depending on whether the noun is masculine/feminine, singular/plural. You say "nosso cachorro", "nossos cachorros", "nossa tartaruga" and "nossas tartarugas".


Thank you, Davu. That clears my confusion.


Thanks so much Davu! Im about 10 circles past this one but I'm back here, trying to figure out this exactly!


Both nosso/nossa and nossos/nossas are connected with "we" and both have the same meaning: our (or ours), so nosso/nossa is our, ours, and nossos/nossas is our, ours too. Now what is the difference between nosso/nossa and nossos/nossas?Let's say you and your wife have a house. You say: Our house is beautiful. (A) nossa casa é linda. Now imagin you have more houses. You say our houses are beautiful. (As) nossas casas são lindas. Now imagine you and your wife have 1 garden. You say: Our garden is beautiful. (O) nosso jardim é lindo. Now imagine, that you have 2 gardens or more: Our gardens are beautiful. (Os) nossos jardins são lindos. So it is feminine, masculine, and for each singular and plural: nossa, nosso, nossas, nossos. The all mean our, or ours. The books are ours. Os livros são nossos. The book is ours. O livro é nosso..... now imagine that something similar works with your/yours, if you reffer to more people "you two, you all". Portuguese have vosso/vossa and vossos/vossas. Imagine you are telling to me and my wife: Your (your and your wife's) bird is beautiful. (O) vosso pássaro é lindo. Your (your and your wife's) birds are beautiful. (Os) vossos pássaros são lindos. Your (your and your wifes') house is beautiful. (A) vossa casa é linda. Your (and your wife's) houses are beautiful. (As) vossas casas são lindas. Of course it is not necessary only me and my wife, or you and your wife, biut we are speaking aboit a group of people when we use nosso/nossa/nossos/nossas/ for our and vosso/vossa/vossos/vossas for your. Understand?


When do you add the O/A/Os/As before Nosso/Nossa/Nossos/Nossas?


The hints say "o nosso" but only "nosso" is accepted


No. A cachorra é nossa. As cachorras são nossas.


Cahorro? Are you serious? My translation is correct. CACHORRO


"Nosso". Nossos is plural, and "cachorro" is singular.


Im getting tripped up on when to include 'os' before 'nossos'. Some of the drop down hints have that and a few sentences include 'os' before 'nossos'.


Is there a female version of dog? Cachorra maybe?


Yes, cachorra (from cachorro) and cadela (from cão)


I wanted to be fancy and use "a gente", so i wrote "O cachorro é da gente." but it marked it wrong. Is there something I'm missing?

EDIT: The wonderful people at Duolingo accepted my report and now it is considered valid.

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