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  5. "I want to have a family."

"I want to have a family."

Translation:Chcę mieć rodzinę.

January 12, 2016



You can't say chcę + noun, from my observation?


Actually, you can. For example: "Chcę cukierka" (I want a candy).


Why is reflexive "się" not used? "Chcę się..." Thanks :)


Generally, chcieć doesn't require a reflexive pronoun, the verb works just as in English.

Technically, you can add się to almost any third person singular conjugation of a verb to make a impersonal statement:

Tak to jest, gdy się chce być artystą. = That's how it is, when one wants to be an artist (more commonly: when you want to be an artist).

Then, there is also the dative construction "Chce mi/ci/mu/nam... się". It's hard to explain the difference, but it seems like chce mi się refers to a more spontaneous and temporary wish than just chcę. The closest English equivalent would perhaps be "I feel like doing X".

Note that chcę się doesn't work in any context.


"chcę się" works when "się" is a part of some other, reflexive verb ;) But on its own it definitely does not work.


Neither 'Mac' nor 'PC' are Polish verbs.

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