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Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome?

I have always used Internet Explorer or Firefox for accessing my student's progress. I recently read that Google Chrome was the preferred search engine so I tried it. When I logged in it wanted me to create NEW CLASSROOMS. None of my "teacher" info was there, only my personal progress. Why?

January 12, 2016



I agree with the others. Stay away from Explorer. Chrome, or Firefox are the best in my opinion. I use this website while teaching my own personal students, and use Chrome. It is the easiest/fastest way to do it.


I would stay away from Internet Explorer for everything. Microsoft has discontinued the browser and is no longer supporting it, so the older it gets, the more vulnerable and the more outdated it becomes.

[deactivated user]

    Are you at the schools website? Make sure you are, as that is where you can view your classes.

    TimothyCrabtree gave some good advice. If possible, try to use Chrome. That is the browser Duolingo is made for, and internet Explorer is mostly being discontinued.

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