"É difícil atingir a todos de modo eficaz."

Translation:It is difficult to reach everyone in an effective way.

January 13, 2013

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I don~t think "strike" is a suitable translation of "atingir". But I~m not sure.

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Not in this sentence, but in its literal meaning it is.


Shouldn't there be an "um" here? "um modo eficaz"? And I would have used "em" instead of "de" if I were to try and translate the English to Portuguese. Any tips on how the "de" works in this case?

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"De" can be used to create a relationship of mode/way of doing something, e.g.: "ele está deitado de costas" (he's lying on his back).
The expressions "de modo", "de maneira", "de forma", meaning "in a way", always use de.
And both "de um modo" and "de modo" is correct.


How can we tell the difference between 'everyone' and 'every' when translation 'todos'. In this sentence it obviously means 'everyone', although the hints here and google translate only indicate 'all' and 'every'. I also seem to remember 'everyone' being 'todos o mundo'.

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    Can this sentence be written like this: "É difícil atingir todos de modo eficaz" (without the "a")?

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