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  5. "She needs a coat."

"She needs a coat."

Translation:Ela precisa de um casaco.

January 13, 2013



'ela precisa dum casaco' should be correct I think


"Ela precisa dum casaco" is perfectly fine in BP (Brazilian Portuguese). But we don't use the contractions from the indefinite articles in formal/written language. So you can say "duma, dum", but you can't write them, you must write "de uma, de um". Concerning contractions from definite articles, all of them are accepted as far as I know, the only exceptions are "para o, para a" (you can say "pro, pra", but not write). I hope this helps! =)


So far, so good, but in general, European Portuguese is also accepted, and in that case, "dum" should be accepted as correct: In Portugal, "dum" is also used in official documents.


This lesson is in Brasilian Português.


Seems to me that either should be accepted. Duolingo is sloppy about this in Spanish too: sometimes it only takes one or the other, but not both.


Thanks for the clarification, whiteuil!


You're very welcome, mate! =)


Yes thanks. Written and spoken language... I'll confront my teacher with this...keep you posted!


I'm pretty sure you only use such contractions in EP.


you mean European Portugese? Maybe yes, it's very common like also: pela (por a), pelo,(por o) da (de a), do (de o) etc. etc.


Yes. I shouldn't have said "such" contractions though, it sounds like Brazilians don't use any. As far as I know, just the ones that contract a preposition with the indefinite articles "um/uma".


Precisa dum casaco --- it was not accepted athough it may be used. In the tips section here dum duma etc are listed as optional


I simply cannot see the logic of Ela precisa de um casaco, "She needs the a coat" I cannot detect a logical pattern for when to insert "The" (a specific) into a sentence saying she needs "A" (non-specific item.)

Can someone enlighten me in simple terms why and when to insert De?


As far as I understood it, the "de" is required by the verb "precisa", it doesn't have anything to do with the article.

Some verbs require "de", some don't.


I wonder what the difference is between a jaqueta and a casaco. Is it a man/woman difference?


Its a jacket and a coat

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