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  5. "How are you, sir?"

"How are you, sir?"

Translation:Nasılsınız, beyefendi?

January 13, 2016



Why can't it be 'Nasilsin, beyefendi? It doesn't clearly state that it is plural.


You say sir so it has to be a formal sentence. Nasılsın is informal, as example you can say it to your friends but you can say Nasılsınız to your teacher, boss etc. as a formal sentence.


this is very informal, you cannot say it to someone who you call "sir"


alright, thank you very much


Why "Nasılsınız, bey?" is wrong?


What is wrong with "Beyim"?!


Actually "Beyim" was used beforetime. There were villages and those villages had landlords, landowners ("(köy) ağa(sı)"). A non-landowner person could call them "beyim". Besides, beforetime (you can still hear people say it but young couples don't) women call their husbands "beyim".


Actually, I heard it in TV shows; like people calling police officers or a journalist talking to a businessman. I also heard in historical shows like "diriliş" so I thought it could be a common expression.


mostly outdated (therefore in diriliş)


what instances would you call someone sir or ma'am in turkish? Is it sort of archaic like English "sir" and "ma'am"? (maybe those terms are just archaic in English from my perspective - I'd a yungin but would feel super weird calling someone sir. Even in a customer service context, in which I worked)

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