"Alguns homens caminham."

Translation:Some men walk.

January 13, 2016

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Some women - algumas mulheres (P). Some woman - alguma mulher. (S)

Some men - alguns homens (P). Some man - algum homem.

A noun ending in 'm' generally changes to 'ns' in the plural form thereof.

A viagem (the journey) - as viagens (the journeys).


Thanks! It makes sense :)


Shouldn't 'alguns' be on the adverb section?


No, it's changing a noun: "men/homens".

Thus it has an "adjective" function. (In Portuguese, an "adjunto adnominal", anything that goes together with the noun changing it.)

An "adverb" changes "verbs", "adjectives" and "adverbs", and it's never inflected.


Ah, I do understand the reasoning now (why algum is not on the adverb section). However, shouldn't this be taught on a different section than numbers which from 6 of out 7 parts has been numerals. I find it confusing to learn if adjectives, verbs, adverbs and nouns are mixed on the sections where they shouldn't belong to. I wouldn't mind having additional grammar sections if they would support previous vocabulary. Like now, that I would know numbers, there could be a section afterwards which introduces adverbs and adjectives which are often used with numerals. :)

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