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  5. "В восемь лет я много читала."

"В восемь лет я много читала."

Translation:At the age of eight I was reading a lot.

January 13, 2016



The first preposition "В" is inaudible.

[deactivated user]

    There's a slight leghtening of the initial «в». :)

    If you don't hear it, don't worry: although both «Во́семь лет я мно́го чита́ла» 'For eight years, I've been reading a lot' and «В во́семь лет я мно́го чита́ла» 'At the age of eight, I was reading a lot' are possible sentences, you'll understand the meaning from the context.


    Thanks =). I'm not worrying, but i'm Russian. And I really didn't hear "В". I wrote «Во́семь лет я мно́го чита́ла» =)

    [deactivated user]

      Oh, I see. ^^ I'm Belarusian, and I think it's slightly longer. But maybe I've just got used to the Duolingo's voice.


      Is "I used to read a lot when I was eight" possible?


      I translated it as "I read a lot in eight years". Would that be "я много читал(а) за восемь лет"? спасибо за ответы :)


      Whats wrong with *at eight years i read very much


      When I was eight a read a lot, I was reading a lot when I was eight, At eight I read a lot. All of these should be accepted. Surely the point of this course is to understand what is being said. All of these answers do. Duolingo seems to get bogged down with looking for a form of grammar that in everyday living, does not matter. To the pedants it does. To people on the street it doesn't.


      How would one say, "I have read a lot in eight years."? "Я много читала восемь лет."?

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