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"Our hotel overlooks the coast."

Translation:Notre hôtel donne sur la côte.

January 13, 2013



Does donne really mean "overlooks?"


Well the word "donner" means to give but yeah "donner sur" does mean to overlook something. You can also use "avoir vue sur".


I think you need it in conjunction with sur


I think the literal sense is "gives out on to".


Does "donner sur" only mean "overlook" in the sense used here? Can it be used for to neglect or to turn a blind eye to? If not, what would you use then?


that would be "oublier","négliger" or even "laisser passer"


In the drop-down menu, they offered the translations "ne pas voir" and "laisse passer" as alternatives to "donne sur". I think these alternatives might be used for neglect or turn a blind eye.


is it ok to say "notre hotel est sur la cote"?


What if it was overlooking a park? Even for coast, I believe "overlooks" and "on the" are not quite the same. I believe 'overlooks' implies an unobstructed view to the beach while 'on the' is in a city on the coast, but it still could be nowhere near the beach. I am also assuming the same exact meanings for 'donne sur' and 'sur'. Speakers of English and French please correct me.


I think "donne sur" just means "has a view of."


Donner sur (or: avoir vue) quelque chose means 'to overlook something'. La maison donne sur la mer. The house overlooks the sea. But it can also have the meaning of 'avoir acces à'. Cette porte donne sur la rue. This door leads to the street.

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