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I finally did it

It took me nearly three years (because life happens) but finally finished my Spanish tree today and it's all gold!

It's time to buy that keyboard and learn piano like I promised myself.

January 13, 2016



That is a great accomplishment!

Buena suerte con tu música :)


Good work! But remember, youre at Level 19, and there are 25 levels! (The higher levels take more XPs to reach.)

Like foreign language learning, studying music and a musical instrument has "no end." You just keep learning and going until, well, you're finished ;-)

I'm a professional musician who started to learn the flute about a year before I began learning Spanish on Duolingo. These are the kinds of activities that keep your mind active and young as you age.

See you at the top!


Jazztonight ... is on a 431 DAY STREAK!!! That's AMAZING!! Congrats to all who are moving towards their dreams!


Felicidades! yo tambien termine mi arbol de espanol recientamente (sin embargo, todavia mio no es todo oro!)




Congratulations! And stick with the piano, too. It is worth it!

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